New Mercedes EQB Review 2024, Price & Specs

The Mercedes EQB is available with three “engine” options, and so far we’ve tried the front-wheel-drive version, called the EQB 250+.

It’s our favourite model, because it provides reasonable performance (0-62mph takes 8.9 seconds) and the longest official range – up to 321 miles, depending on the trim. That range isn’t too far short of the Kia EV9 Air (349 miles) and Tesla Model Y Long Range (331 miles).

The dual-motor, four-wheel-drive versions – called the EQB 300 and 350 – have shorter official ranges of up to 255 miles.

Performance for the 250+ is nippy enough to get up to motorway speeds, and makes going for a gap in traffic easier than in the conventionally powered GLB.

If you choose Comfort or Sport driving mode, power is delivered instantly, while Eco slows the accelerator response to save energy. For even more punch, the dual-motor 300 and 350 are much quicker, with 0-62mph taking 8.0 seconds and 6.2 seconds respectively.

What’s the EQB’s handling like? Well, it compares well with rivals’. Body control is decent, especially when you consider the size of the car. Plus, the steering is precise during low-speed manoeuvres, with a pleasing build-up in weight at faster speeds to give you the confidence to place the car accurately in corners.

We do have a caveat regarding the ride, though. We’ve only driven the AMG Line Executive model, and it has 19in alloy wheels as standard. The suspension set-up is already quite firm, so the small sidewall of those tyres mean you tend to feel every lump and bump in the road.


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