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Or are you aiming to sell your automobile? 9/10 sellers got the cost they expected Advertisement Verdict It’s not exactly rupturing with vibrant sparkle, and we ‘d most likely bypass the additional motor of this Performance version, however the XPeng G9 is still among the most outstanding all-electric SUVs we’ve tried recently. It has a lot of space and loads of in-car tech, is actually well finished, and has the performance, range and charging speeds to go head to head with competitors from Korea, Germany or even California. All it truly requires is XPeng to devote to making it in right-hand drive and get on with developing a dealership network here. The car is all set to find UK clients, we ‘d argue.

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Chinese brands are racing towards Europe right now, and numerous have the UK in their sights. We’ve currently seen the impact that the similarity the revitalised MG and beginners BYD and Ora can have– and Shanghai company XPeng is hoping that it can take advantage of the burgeoning market for EVs in the region too. The G9 flagship SUV would be an obvious prospect for UK showrooms, and this is our first possibility to see how it stacks up, albeit in really late pre-production type and on Dutch roads.

We were quite satisfied with the packaging, feel and look of the G9 when we saw it at a static presentation previously at the start of this year. To recap, it’s a 4.8-metre-long, five-seat SUV that’s slightly longer, both overall and in wheelbase, than the likes of the BMW X3. It sits on XPeng’s own bespoke EV architecture, charmingly called Edward, and is available in 3 setups, beginning with a smaller-battery edition with a single rear motor producing 308bhp and a 75kWh LFP-chemistry pack providing 286 miles of variety.

There are then two extended-range versions, which have more energy-dense NMC chemistry and 93kWh (net) capacities. One has the very same rear-drive set-up as the Standard Range, and manages up to 354 miles on a single charge; the other gets an extra motor for a combined output of 543bhp– enough for a 0-62mph time of 3.9 seconds– but sacrifices a little variety in the name of efficiency, at 323 miles.

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XPeng is making bold claims on charging, too. The smaller-battery edition can handle DC rates of up to 260kW however the 93kWh models crank this as much as 300kW– enough, XPeng says, for the cars and truck to include 60 miles of range in just five minutes when connected to a quick adequate charging point.

The variety offering is refreshingly basic, too. All vehicles get a heat pump, a full-length breathtaking glass roof, heated and aerated front seats, heated rear seats, a heated steering wheel and soft-close doors as standard. There’s no word yet on UK prices– XPeng is still working on business plan for right-hand drive, it says, despite the fact that the wise money is on a debut here in late 2024 or early 2025– however the vehicle has actually currently been released in the Netherlands, with prices varying from around ₤ 51,000 to ₤ 62,500.

Climbing aboard, those numbers seem pretty sensible, due to the fact that there’s precious little inside the G9 to hand out the reality that it’s a vehicle developed and produced in China. The products and surfaces are deeply excellent, with neatly stitched leather on the seats and soft-touch surfaces in all of the right locations. There are metal aspects on the centre console and subtle ambient lighting permits you to personalise the cabin when you’re on the relocation.

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The only ‘tell’ on the vehicle’s origins is its innovation, due to the fact that it perhaps has excessive. The 10.25-inch digital instrument panel is foregone conclusion but the pin-sharp 14.96-inch main infotainment screen is matched by a similar panel created for the front passenger’s usage. It has pixel filtering tech that’s developed to allow a movie to be watched– in a traffic-clogged Shanghai heavy traffic, you presume– without the motorist’s being distracted by it; in fact, it’s a little tech overkill that established European brands would withstand.

We’re driving the AWD Performance today and sure enough, it has pretty stunning velocity for something with the G9’s dimensions, not to discuss its 2.3-tonne kerbweight. Undoubtedly, ought to you select Sport mode for optimum rate, it in fact ends up being difficult to modulate the throttle pedal inputs, such is the automobile’s desperation to respond to the smallest of them. The left-hand pedal can also be a difficult client, although once you’re through the early part of retardation, and the bleed-off in between energy recovery and the (Brembo) discs and pads is solved, you’ll find it simple adequate to come to a smooth drop in city traffic. There’s also a selectable single-pedal mode that will bring the cars and truck to a truly sluggish creep– again, useful in rush hour.

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Despite its size, in reality, the G9 is well matched to metropolitan paths. The steering is light and regularly weighted (though without feel, you won’t be surprised to hear), and there’s good presence, helped by a variety of electronic cameras whose images are relayed to the main screen to assist eliminate blind areas. Performance editions get air suspension as basic and it does a good task of soothing out side-street ripples.

It’s achieved on motorways, too, where the remarkable electric-motor refinement blends with a pretty soothing ride (only troubled by the sharpest and deepest bridge-expansion joints) to make sure a comfy experience. There’s a little low-frequency resonance transmitted up from picked roadway surfaces but in basic, the worst culprits for noise at speed are the chunky side mirrors.

We had valuable little opportunity to explore the G9’s limitations on roads that blended speed with tighter corners or camber changes, but the total set-up would lead us to expect that it might well need a little patience in corners, lest the powertrain overwhelm the tall body and the comfort-focused suspension beneath it.

As for the in-car tech, it’s still undergoing last tweaks– the appeal of software over hardware, we’re told– but there are sensible (non-haptic) turns on the guiding wheel that manage numerous essential functions, including the cabin temperature, and shortcuts placed on the top of the enormous main screen for features like the windscreen de-mister.

It’s a pity, however, that you still need a minimum of two screen prods to change the car’s driving mode or its level of brake energy recovery– although XPeng’s voice assistant will have a stab at cutting this out if you’re prepared to talk with it. Apple CarPlay and Android Vehicle integration are missing out on, too– not uncommon from Chinese brand names, however XPeng ought to realise that European clients like using their phones instead of, for example, integrated navigation.

The G9 is a practical thing, with standard recline on the rear seats (which are warmed, remember), bags of legroom for back-seat passengers and a 660-litre boot that broadens to 1,576 litres when the 60/40-split 2nd row is folded down. There’s an additional 71-litre frunk below the bonnet for cable television storage, and XPeng even offers a self-inflating sleep package that can turn the rear cabin into over night accommodation.


XPeng G9 AWD Performance


EUR71,990 (₤ 62,500) (Netherlands)


2x e-motor, 93kWh batt. (web)

Power/torque:543 bhp/717Nm

Single-speed automatic, 4×4

0-62mph:3.9 seconds
Leading speed:124 miles per hour
Variety:323 miles
Max charging:

300kW (10-80% in 20mins)

On sale:2025 (est.)

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